E Design is for all our international clients worldwide

What Is E-Design?

E-Design is the trendiest virtual online interior design service.
Simple, Easy, Stress-free and Affordable.

Design your space, just sitting at home, with a click!

This is service is perfect if you want design any space in your home including bedroom, living room, dining room and so much more !

 Expert selection on furniture, decor, wall art, bedding, rugs, lights, curtains, paint shades through moodboards, furniture plans and shopping lists.

how it works

Get your dream room in just these 4 steps :



Upload your photos/videos and measurements of your space. Fill the design questionnaire and share your inspirational images.



Through video calls, we'll discuss your design dilemma, vision, budget, timelines, package etc for your space. Select the package.



I’ll create furniture plans, moodboards, 3D models etc as per your need. Choose what you love!



You'll receive a clickable shopping list with discounts. Share your NEW DREAM ROOM images.


We Expertize In Japandi Interior Design

We design Japandi style design for your bedroom and living room
If your all about the zen and minimalistic lifestyle, this is the style for you!!




Japanese + Scandi = Japandi


Further explaining you step by step It’s so simple and easy!

1.Fill up the questionnaire

We’ll get to understand your scope of work, budget, timeline etc. Be as specific as you can. Use this link to fill it.  Once done, I’ll follow up with you for the next steps.

2. Send photos, measurements of your space

Send us the pictures of all wall angles of your existing space in landscape mode.
Send a hand drawn sketch of your floor plan with measurements. Pls include walls, windows, doors etc. Use this guide to help you.

3. Share inspirational images

E-Mail me reference images of how you want your space to look. You can even create a pinterest board. This helps us understand the vision of your space.

4.Book a video call for clarity

Through video calls, we’ll discuss all the answers from the questionnaire in detail, to be crystal clear on everything. We’ll finalize the budget, timeline package, etc. Then just relax till I work my magic! Book a session with this link

5.Choose Your Design Package

Based on our discussion, you’ll receive a proposal from us for the e-design service that you’ll be able to approve and pay online. It will include fee structure. Advance payment must be received before the design phase begins. Once your designs are ready, I will mail you all the design deliverables.

6.Moodboard Options and Furniture Plan

After I share the designs, you will give me feedback on mood board options A and B on a video call to understand what you like/don’t like.We will make notes and send revisions and a scaled furniture plan accordingly, so you can understand how each item will fit in your place.

7.Final 2D Moodboard/3D Models

You will receive the final revised moodboard/3D models, designed with your previous feedbacks.

8.Final Design Board With Shopping List

You will receive your final design board. It’ll include your clickable shipping list with discounts. Installation guide notes and purchasing information will be attached as well.

9. Share Your New Dream Room Images

Your purchased items will reach you shortly. Use our notes to install everything correctly. Once all done, enjoy your new beautiful space. Send us images too. We’re SUPER excited to see them!

 Anytime you send us an email with your feedback or doubts, we will revert within 24-48 hours (Monday- Friday). We would appreciate timely responses from your end too for a smooth experience. 

our Packages

Designer BFF



1 Week

*Terms and Condition applied


Room Makeover



3 Weeks

*Terms and Condition applied

3D Vision



5 Weeks

*Terms and Condition applied

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